Use Fingerprint to Unlock
Only Take You One Step

Classic built-in semiconductor fingerprint chip with
higher security than traditional optical fingerprint.
Hidden fingerprint in handle design, open the door in one step.

AI Fingerprints Algorithm

Deeply customised fingerprint identification module, the identifiable age
range improve to 7--70 years old, also usable for seniors and children.
Optimized the dryand wet fingerprints, and the fingerprint misrecognition
rate is lower than 0.0005%.


If someone is breaking the door or use wrong
fingerprint unlock more than 15 times use
wrong password more than 5 times,
Classic will immediately issue the alarm.

Work with Mi-Home APP

Classic also work with mi-home app.
You can set the fingerprint, password and bluetooth unlock
via Mi-home app. You can also remotely authorized
password to your friends , cleaners and Airbnb clients.

Anti-Peep Virtual PIN

Supports anti-peeping virtual password,
enter 16-bit password which including
continuous 6-bit correct password also works.

Peephole Anti-Theft

Classic also have knob locked and peephole
anti-theft functions. Prevent malicious unlocking
via peephole and unlocking by children and pets.